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Thursday, 25th July 2024

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Printing Press Rollers Professional Manufacturer

TRAD ROLLERS, a prime source of elastomeric coverings, the company was founded 28 years ago and has evolved into a competent suppliers of rubber rollers to a broad spectrum of industries both at home and abroad. we have dedicated our passion in the past decade in developing high quality printing and industrial rollers, as well as molded rubber articles. we provides an option for superior performance and longevity to increase production and decrease costs. In addition to custom fabrication of new rollers, we offer a full service facility specializing in roller repair and recovering to OEM and customer specifications.

TRAD ROLLERS guarantees the highest level of performance from all of our rubber rollers based on the stricter standards of quality control and customer service. Working directly with our customers to understand your specific needs, we uses many years of combined expertise to create innovative solutions to all of your rubber rollers need. We employ the latest technology available to date to produce molded rubber parts and elastomeric roller covers providing a full range of colors and hardness to suit your requirements.

Our employees are encouraged to participate in our strategy of continuous development and they are rewarded for ideas that enhance quality, productivity and shop floor safety.

We can provide your custom rubber roller needs. Whether replacing, repairing or manufacturing new cores, we are specialised in delivering cost-effective solutions, We welcome small orders including prototype production, and maintain short lead times. We have a large inventory of roll covering compounds available to quickly respond to your emergencies. We can formulate the covering to your specific service condition and provide you with the most suitable material with the most effective Durometer.

In addition much importance is now given to reduction of alcohol in the printing process, again TRAD ROLLERS is making every effort to cater for this need by producing specific compounds for the purpose.


Our current range represents here and now, but it is not our intention to stand still, and see continual improvement as our way to succeed.

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Kafarchima, Lecico Street,
In front of Roger Daou.
T: 961 5 432439
F: 961 5 436412
M: 961 3 228112 / 303781 / 771971
Email: infoat sign trad rollers printing rollerstradrollers(dot)com
Email Support: supportat sign trad rollers printing rollerstradrollers(dot)com


Our Address:
Kfarchima, Lecico Street
Grand Beirut, LB
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 7:30am to 5pm
Saturdays 8am to 1pm
Closed on Sundays

Who Are We

A specialist, manufacturer of printing and industrial rubber rollers, will meet the customers needs with full range of rubber rollers and technical rubber parts.

Services We Offer

- New Cores Fabrication
- Rubber Roller Covering and Recovering
- Roller Grinding
- Rilsan & Chrome Roller Plating
- Roller Core Repairing
- Journal and Centre Hole Repair

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