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Thursday, 25th July 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a specific question that is not listed in our FAQ, you can send it directly to one of our technical staff here. they will be glad to answer all your questions. Our technical team is ready to visit your plant and give you on site support, they will profile your presses for correct roller sizes and adjustments. send us a request if you are interested.

How do I know my roller should be replaced ?
What is the best way to clean a Roller ?
How can i avoid glazing?
How much pressure should I apply when setting a Roller ?
What is the best way to install a Roller Bearing ?
Can I reuse old Bearings ?
What is the best way to store spare Rollers ?
What Problems a damaged Roller can cause ?
What is TRAD ROLLERS Exchange Program ?
Which Presses are Included in the Roller Exchange Program ? 
How Soon can I expect my rollers to be recovered ?


How do I know my roller should be replaced ?

High pressure or bad adjustment of the roller will reduce its service life. When a roller starts to produce a messy, faded finish or it is out of size, it is advisable to replace it. often bad cleaning habits will shorten your roller life, always use appropriate cleaning solutions.

What is the best way to clean a Roller ?

  • Use a water miscible wash (solvent mixed with water) to remove both the solvent-soluble and water-soluble particles that are near the top of the deposit layer. This leaves the insoluble particles attached to surface.
  • Use a non-grit roller paste to remove the insoluble particles. Be sure to use a paste that is designed and tested for the type of rollers you have. some unverified paste has a detrimental effect on the rubber and will make your roller swell or even shrink. Never use a paste with grit, for this will damage the rubber and make it unusable.
  • With the layer of insoluble particles removed, most of the remaining soluble particles will be exposed and can be washed out with a second water-miscible rinse. Download our Cleaning Instruction Guide Here (PDF - 246kb)

 How can I avoid Glazing?

A roller will avoid glazing if it is properly and frequently cleaned, Glazing is caused by ink and paper residues building up on the surface of the roller and often cause the press operator to use more ink and water to compensate the effect of the glazing, Thus, resulting in drying problems and a messy printing quality. If the glazed roller diameter is still in the accepted range, a kiss grinding will refresh the surface of the roller and get it back to service. It is recommended to grind your roller by a skillful roller manufacturer technician.

 How much pressure should I apply when setting a Roller ?

as minimum as possible, always refer to the manufacturer's settings guide.
never apply too much pressure on your roller, excess pressure is a big mistake, it can actually impair the quality of the printing and lead to unnecessary breakdowns and operating costs.

What is the best way to install a Roller Bearing ?

Bearings must be setup using an arbor press, never use a hummer or tap the journal end on the floor, No hammer can deliver the balanced force to mount bearings correctly. Tapping journal end on the floor is a crude technique that almost guarantees the pressure will be uneven and the bearings or bearings journals damaged.
TRAD delivers "Ready to Run" Rollers with bearings already installed at our factory, In case you do not have the right equipments to install your bearings, order your rollers press ready.

Can I reuse Bearings ?

Why risk damaging your new Rollers?
We do not recommend reusing Bearings. In most cases the risk for breakdowns or unsatisfactory performance outweighs the cost of new bearings. always use original bearings, low quality bearings could fail during service and damage your rollers 

Bearings should be dismounted carefully, regardless of whether they will be reused, because careless dismounting could damage associated components.

What is the best way to store spare Rollers ?

In storage the roller must be supported only on the shafts and should never rest on the covering surface. For longer storage time the covering should be protected from direct light and should be ideally stored at temperatures between + 20 °C and + 30 °C at about 65 % relative humidity.

The original TRAD Rollers wrapping paper provides the required barrier to light, and should not be removed until shortly before the roller is used.

What Problems a damaged Roller can cause ?

A damaged roller, or a roller with defected bearings, or a roller with non proper settings would cause the following:

  • Inconsistant Printing Color
  • Excessive Dot Gain
  • Wasted Paper & Ink
  • Press Downtime
  • Shorter Roller Life
  • Increased Cost
  • Increased Energy Required to Run The Unit


Do I need to keep going?  It makes sense to have a good maintenance program and have good roller settings.  If you stay on top of it, problems will be few in the unit. always use high quality rubber rollers.

  • Rollers must be cleaned thoroughly at the end of the day
  • Regularly check for damaged bearings and replace them immediately.
  • Avoid prolonged contact pressure of rollers as a concave shape would form on the surface due to compression set.
  • Always use proper cleaning chemicals as advised by our engineers.


What is TRAD ROLLERS Exchange Program ?

  1. You confirm your order with us and we ship to you your new rollers. we invoice you the cost of the rubber + core.
  2. You ship us your old rollers, the ones being replaced. you have 60 days to return your old rollers to us.
  3. Once the rollers are received in our factory,we inspect them with a special testing unit.
  4. If the core meets these quality standards, the cores amount is credited back to your account immediately.


Which Presses are Included in the Roller Exchange Program ?

We stock rollers for Heidelberg, Roland, Miller, KBA, GOSS, SAKURAI, Ryobi. Kindly visit our Products Page or use the products menu on the top-left of this page.

How soon can I expect my rollers to be recovered ?

A local order that is received today may cure tonight and be grind and polished tomorrow, and ready for delivery, big orders may take more time to be done.

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