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• Rubber Characteristics
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Thursday, 25th July 2024

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Rubber Characteristics

TRAD ROLLERS is extensively experienced with a wide variety of rubber types, we archive more than 500 rubber formulations that suits a vast available applications in the market, especially in the roller business, a brief overview of the company's compounds are:

 EPDM: High heat resistance with a good resilience,it provides excellent resistance to chemicals, acids, caustics, as well as a great resistance to oxygen and ozone attacks. This polymer offers very good resistance to polar and oxygenated solvents. Durometer range: 40-90 ShA

Natural Rubber: compounds made of natural rubber have high physical properties, abrasion resistance and superior resiliency, Oil and solvent resistance is poor and natural rubber is not recommended for this type of applications. Durometer range: 40-95 ShA

Neoprene: neoprene offers good resistance to diluted acids and bases and has a good coefficient of friction. it resists many oil and greases and features good resistance to ozone. Durometer range: 20-90 ShA

Nitrile: Highly resistant to Oils, Greases, Solvents, Fuels, and are able to stand abrasion, heat, and remain flexible during service life, it withstands ozone attacks and show no deterioration in oils and water. it could be formulated to feature a surface release properties. Durometer range: 15-100 ShA

Hypalon: offers chemicals and heat resistance up to 200 degrees celsius. Durometer range: 50-85 ShA.

Silicone: Known to have an excellent release property, withstands high temperatures up to 300 Degrees celsius. it maintain its physical properties over a wide range of temperatures, it is used as a good insulator. Durometer range: 40-90 ShA.

Polyurethanes: Very though material, it features:
quality printing rollers

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good flexibility
  • Toughness
  • Low shrinkage
  • Good impact resistance
  • Good surface finish


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Who Are We

A specialist, manufacturer of printing and industrial rubber rollers, will meet the customers needs with full range of rubber rollers and technical rubber parts.

Services We Offer

- New Cores Fabrication
- Rubber Roller Covering and Recovering
- Roller Grinding
- Rilsan & Chrome Roller Plating
- Roller Core Repairing
- Journal and Centre Hole Repair

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